Volunteer of the Month: Marc Willoughby (June, 2022)

June 30, 2022

1) How did you learn about EBC?
"Heard Bob Barnett speak at an environmental event in late 90’s or early 2000s (may have been a Save the Oak Ridges Moraine talk)."
2) What made you want to volunteer with EBC? "Working as a Landscape Architect in Ontario serving the development industry mainly and as a Municipal peer review consultant for my entire career made me recognize the dire need for protecting land from growth based development pressure in Ontario."
3) What voluntary activities do you do to help EBC?
"Promotion by word of mouth, Escarpment Telecom user and supporter, regular donator, frequent volunteer at Green Living Show and now land steward for wonderful EBC McKichan property in Caledon."
4) What is your educational/career background?
"Undergraduate Combined Honours Geography and Fine Art and Masters in Landscape Architecture, both at the University of Guelph. Registered Landscape Architect since January 1990.
Employed full time continuously from May 1987 to May 2022. Primary role was arboricultural consulting, tree preservation reports and plans, ecological restoration, bio-technical slope stabilization and review of landscape plans and Arborist's reports for Municipalities. ISA Certified Arborist since March 2002. Currently consulting independently within the GTA in tree preservation.
Presently volunteering for the Toronto Green Community (Eglinton Park Community Garden) and community gardens at Downsview Park. I’m a 5th generation Ontarian of English, Irish, Welsh and Cherokee Indian descent. Born in Toronto and grew up in Sherwood Park neighbourhood of North Toronto."
Marc's guiding philosophy is "All is Nature, Nature is All”. Thank you for all you do for us at EBC Marc!