Volunteer of the Month: Melanie Hunt (December, 2022)

December 30, 2022

Melanie knew about EBC for many years as someone who is a lover of the great outdoors and enjoys hiking. She saw informational signs about our organization on different trails that she hikes regularly. It was last year, when EBC's Heaven's Gate was conserved, that Melanie became more aware of the work that we do in the area she lives (La Cloche Manitoulin.) This parcel of land also happens to be right beside her parent's house, it is a beautiful old-growth forest that she has explored with her husband and two boys for many years.
More recently Melanie assisted with the creation of a memorial site on the Heaven's Gate trail. Her dad volunteered to be the head of a project that would place several cedar beams in the middle of a clearing. This would in the future serve as a place to display the names of donors. Deep holes were dug and Melanie, along with other volunteers worked together to hoist these giant beams up and settle them into their holes, then backfill them with rocks and dirt. The beams were placed at all different angles and spread apart throughout the clearing. Melanie is looking forward to visiting the site as name plaques are added to the beams to see how it evolves over time. See the photograph below of the project she worked on at Heaven's Gate.
Melanie is a small business owner, she has a pottery studio that is open in the summer season as well as a bed and breakfast all of which is operated from her home in Kagawong ON.
Thank you Melanie for your love of the outdoors, particularly for your love for the La Cloche region, which led you to join our team of volunteers!