Volunteer of the Month: Susan Filshie (March 2023)

March 31, 2023

Volunteer of the month: Susan Filshie

We honour the memory of Susan Filshie this month, who sadly passed away on February 23, 2023 at Toronto General Hospital. Donations and tributes in her name have been pouring in. She is survived by her partner, Robert Stephens, and their son, Christian. We remember Susan for her invaluable contribution to the work of EBC and her devotion in particular to her "beloved Bruce County". She was a dedicated volunteer who served as a Board member between 2011 and 2014, working tirelessly to ensure that the lands under EBC protection were monitored on an annual basis. She collaborated with Board members and volunteers to gather field reports and summarize findings. She also assisted with grant applications and annual reports. Susan participated in an annual public awareness campaign in Tobermory, at the Monarch Butterfly Festival.

After a successful career in professional urban planning, Susan retired and concentrated on community consultation in many areas of policy development. Her specialties were in the arts, public art, urban development, land conservation, gardening and landscape architecture. She worked in the private and public sectors and volunteered in the nonprofit sector. Her goal was to work as a facilitator in the community to teach, lead, research, and support individuals of all ages and community groups to realize their goals.
Susan's commitment to excellence was recognized when she and her partner Robert Stephens were awarded the "Outstanding Planning Award" in the Province of Ontario for their work on the "Public Safety and Development Review Guidelines" on November 24, 1998. The award was given in recognition of the guidelines' "Excellence in Communication" and was presented at a grand gala dinner at the Royal York Hotel attended by over 700 members of the development community.

Susan was also an activist who fought passionately to preserve the old St. Paul's Anglican Church rectory in Southampton, which faced demolition by Bruce County in the name of expanding the county archives, read more here: https://www.owensoundsuntimes.com/news/local-news/bruce-krug-descendants-appalled-by-rectory-demolition-plans

EBC wishes to recognize and celebrate Susan's contribution to EBC and for her life's service to improve the lives of others and the environment. To donate to EBC in Susan's name, please follow this link: https://escarpment.ca/donate

Many thanks to Sandra Hart for providing the photograph of Susan Filshie taken in Italy in 2015.

susan filshie