Volunteer of the Month: Tomasz Majcherczyk (July, 2022)

August 8, 2022

Tomasz Majcherczyk started volunteering for EBC this year and has already been assigned two nature preserves to monitor and steward - Misery Bay and Gallagher, both located on Manitoulin island.
Tomasz has an off-grid property (which he built himself) located next to Misery Bay Provincial Park. He was hoping that since the park is just around the corner, with the same flora and fauna present, that the land would fall into a protection zone of some kind. Unfortunately, it doesn't. Because of this, there was a lot of local traffic including ATV’s which is causing a lot of damage to the dune habitats. Tomasz decided to become a self-made steward of the beach where his property resides. He put up a lot of educational signs and spoke to people to let them know about the damage they are causing to the landscape by conducting such activities. His advice was not always well received and that's when he went in search of an organization like EBC. He was looking for an environmental organization that could help further with his stewardship endeavors and teach him how to get more involved with local stewardship in Manitoulin, as well as providing him the tools/advice to better his land stewardship skills.
Tomasz has a background in professional photography and he is now applying his knowledge, skills and equipment to taking photographs of nature. Tomasz has a mixed variety of interests - he is an avid sailor and is very handy, having built his own off-grid cabin on Manitoulin. Tomasz is also a tree planter, he purchases seedlings each year and plants them as a contribution to the environment. Just this year he has planted 240 white pines and some tamaracks.
Thank you for all you do for us Tomasz! Manitoulin is certainly lucky to have a land steward like you.