Volunteer of the Month: Tyler Miller (January 2023)

January 24, 2023

1) How did you learn about EBC?
I have long been familiar with the EBC and the work this land trust does. One of my first memories of being aware of the organization was when I met the founder, Bob Barnett, at an environmental conference many years ago.
2) What made you want to volunteer with EBC?
Land trusts like the EBC are accomplishing some of the most important unfettered conservation work. Securing and protecting high-value conservation land in perpetuity is one of the most tangible and responsible conservation-based actions, especially during this crucial time of global large-scale biodiversity decline. Supporting such initiatives inspires and motivates me to volunteer with the EBC.
3) What voluntary activities do you do to help EBC?
I conduct ecological assessments and inventories, more specifically, regionally specialized biological inventories focusing on species of conservation concern (e.g., flora and fauna that are at risk or provincially rare species), ecosystems/habitats (e.g., alvar, fen, conifer forests etc.) and ecological threats (e.g., invasive species).
4) What is your educational/career background?
I have worked as a field ecologist for over a decade. I am passionate about and a lifelong learner of ecology and natural history. My career and hobbies have shaped me into a well-rounded naturalist with formidable expertise in field botany, especially specific to Bruce and Grey County area. For example, I recently completed a project with the Owen Sound Field Naturalists to update the Vascular Plant List of Bruce and Grey Counties (soon to be published).
Thank you, Tyler for your love of the outdoors, and for sharing your biological expertise with us.