Volunteer of the month - Veronika Bingaman (November 2020)

December 14, 2020

Veronika Bingaman has been building trails along the escarpment on Manitoulin Island for almost 50 years! Her and her husband Dan started building kamikaze ski trails over the escarpment in their back yard.

When she sought to ensure that the incredible bluffs were forever protected she sought out EBC and the Bingaman EBC trail was born. Over the years Veronika has helped create and maintain trails at Freer point, Bidwell bog, the Cup and Saucer, Timber Bay, and Ice Lake.

Her latest effort was an addition to the Skyline Trail on McLeans Mountain. Her particular talent and pleasure is visualizing how the trail should be run to take the best advantage of the contour.

 " I am so grateful for EBC for providing this wonderful space for me to do what I love the most - be in the woods! " - Veronika Bingaman