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heavens gate

Heaven's Gate Grand Opening - July 16th!

July 16, 2022 — Join us for the opening of our largest wilderness preserve to date, Heaven's Gate - Kitchitwaa Shekwaandem, on July 16th. Exactly 1 month to the day!   2,000 acres of wilderness between the La Cloche Mountains and Killarney Provincial Park are permanently conserved, come celebrate with us!   To register for free, click here! 

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Invite to EBC's AGM - June 26th 12pm

June 26, 2022 — Join EBC on June 26th at 12pm as we celebrate our accomplishments over the year at the AGM!Register for free by clicking here! If you join us as an EBC member you can help vote on the new board. To donate and become a member,  We appreciate your $35 while you get a tax receipt and more news as we...

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EBC Placeholder

New Spring Precipice 2022!

June 13, 2022 — We are excited to announce that the 51st issue of Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy's Newsletter is now available!  Click here to view EBC's Spring 2022 Precipice and read about the wonderful work EBC has recently accomplished. To stay up to date and receive future newsletters sent directly to your inbox click below to signup or become a member!

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whole village

25th Year Anniversary Celebration - Whole Village - June 11th

June 11, 2022 — Come and join EBC at Whole Village in Caledon, Ontario on June 11th and celebrate our 25th year anniversary with us!We will be there between 12-3pm. What to expect: Guided walks Bioblitz Scavenger hunt FREE food and refreshments provided Register by clicking here!

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May 2022 BioSphere Now Here!

June 7, 2022 — Read the latest news, success and updates in our monthly newsletter - BioSphere! Click here to view May's issue.

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Nature Reserve of the Month: Nottawasaga (May, 2022)

May 31, 2022 — History:   This wilderness preserve is 143.53 acres located in Township of Essa, County of Simcoe. It has important forest and wetland habitats. EBC is looking into preserving an additional 8.5 acres to extend this area in the near future. The addition of the 8.5-acres will connect the interior forest to the riparian and wetland areas next to Nottawasaga River,...

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Species of the Month: Cougar (May, 2022)

May 31, 2022 — Cougars otherwise referred to as pumas or mountain lions, are Canada's largest and most formidable wildcat. They are extremely elusive, so the likelihood of you coming across one in the wild are very slim!Defining Characteristics: Males may grow to be two meters tall and weigh more than 60 kg Females are approximately 40-45kg short brown or greyish hair that is...

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marissa and chris

Volunteers of the Month: Marissa Dolotallas and Chris Scerri (May, 2022)

May 31, 2022 — 1) How did they discover EBC?   Marissa has always had a love of nature, exploring new trails and finding hidden gems. It was through her own research, she discovered us, what we did and why along with our many wilderness preserves and trails to explore. Chris learned about EBC from Marissa. They were exploring the Grey/Bruce and Marissa mentioned...

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biosphere april

April 2022 BioSphere Now Here!

May 2, 2022 — To view EBC's latest successes, accomplishments and news, read our monthly newsletter click here! Don't miss our upcoming events as part of our 25th-year celebration. Register, save the dates and read more about them in April's Newsletter.

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barn swallow

Species of the Month: Barn Swallow (April, 2022)

May 2, 2022 — Defining Characteristics medium-sized songbird (approximately 15-18 cm long) Males: Glossy blue-black plumage on their back and upper wings, rusty red forehead and throat Short bill and a broad blue breast band above its tawny underbelly Long tail feathers which form a deep fork and a line of white spots across the outer end of the upper tail Females: Tail feathers are shorter,...

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wolsey lake

Nature Reserve of the Month: Wolsey Lake (April, 2022)

May 2, 2022 — History: 370 acres located near Gore Bay on Manitoulin Island Significant Features: 5,000 ft. of shoreline 8,000 ft. of Niagara escarpment small creek with spawning grounds set in mature mixed forest.  The nature reserve is connected through the freshwater stream between Stone's Lake and Wolsey Lake. Some Midland Painted turtles have been observed on the other side of Wolsey Lake. The Common Grackle...

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Volunteer of the Month: Samantha Angel (April, 2022)

April 28, 2022 — 1) How did you learn about EBC? I guess I was always aware of other larger conservancies, and when Saba joined she told me about it! I said "Kind of a mouthful! What's a Biosphere?" and loved that there was a group dedicated to this specific region.2) What made you want to volunteer with EBC? I grew up on the...

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EBC's 25th Year Celebratory Webinar - April 5th, 7pm!

April 5, 2022 — Join us, 2 weeks today, on April 5th at 7pm where we will be celebrating EBC's story over the last 25 years.   Join EBC staff, board members, volunteers, donors and friends of EBC for an evening of virtual celebration.   Panel of speakers: Robert Barnett (EBC's Executive Director) Saba Ahmad (EBC's Chair) Chris Peabody (EBC Board member and Mayor...

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Save the Monarchs - Plant FREE Milkweed Seeds!

April 4, 2022 — Create habitat for monarch butterflies and plant milkweed in your garden. As Spring gets underway and temperatures begin to warm, late April/May is the perfect time to start planting milkweed seeds. Milkweed plants are the life source for monarch butterflies, without them, there are no monarchs.  Join our effort to create as much monarch habitat as we can. EBC is...

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Nature Reserve of the Month: Hope (March, 2022)

March 30, 2022 — History: 52.53 acre conservation agreement (CA) Located in the Township of Chatsworth, County of Grey The land belongs to Terri and Robert Hope, and was made a CA in December 2021. Significant Features: Hope falls within the Mount Forest Eco-district (6E-5) and is characterized by a gently rolling landscape. Approximately three-quarters of the ecodistrict has been converted to cropland and...

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Species of the Month: Monarch Butterfly (March, 2022)

March 27, 2022 — The monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) is a special and beloved North American insect that journeys 2,000 miles (one-way) in its migration journey annually. This is the largest of all known insect migrations on Earth! Unfortunately, this remarkable animal has experienced an 80% decline in population across North America between 1994- 95 and 2014-15. This devastating population decline has ignited a...

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Phragmites Webinar - Tomorrow! 6:30pm

March 14, 2022 — There's still time to sign up for EBC's Phragmites Webinar - TOMORROW at 6:30pm!   Join EBC and phragmites expert, Judith Jones, for a 30 minute plus Q&A session tomorrow evening. FREE for EBC members. Non-members, pay what you can (minimum $3). Register here!   You will learn: - how to identify it - why it's a problem - what...

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