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lake sturgeon

Species of the Month: Lake Sturgeon (November 2021)

November 30, 2021 — Characteristics: Lake Sturgeon can weigh more than 300 pounds and grow to nine feet in length! Similar to their prehistoric ancestors, these sturgeons have a distinct shark-like tail and armoured plates called “scutes” in rows for protection. The skin is covered with tiny tooth-like projections that give it the feel of fine sandpaper. Lake sturgeon are very slow-moving fish that will migrate during early summer up rivers.  Female sturgeons reproduce between...

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green point

Nature Reserve of the Month: Green Point (November, 2021)

November 30, 2021 — History & Significant Features: Green Point is a 69 acre property that was acquired in 2005. This nature reserve extends the existing 13,000 acres, Queen Mum Park, officially designated as a Natural Environment Provincial Park in 2014. The property also extends the existing shoreline of the Queen Mum Park by 2 kilometres. Many rare thistles have been observed on the...

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Giving Tuesday - 1 week today!

November 23, 2021 — Giving Tuesday is 1 week today. Learn about our Wild Futures Project and how you can help conserve land in Ontario by visiting our campaign page here!

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bill pegg

Volunteer of the Month - Bill Pegg (November, 2021)

November 11, 2021 — Bill learned about EBC many years ago, in the early 2000s, when he was living on Manitoulin Island. He heard about us conserving the Cup and Saucer Nature Reserve and maintaining the hiking trails for public use.   Bill loves getting outdoors and supports efforts to conserve natural areas in their native state as much as possible, so volunteering with...

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Phragmites - Manitoulin Report by Judith Jones

November 1, 2021 — Click here to read Judith Jones' latest phragmites report of Manitoulin Island (October 2021). Judith has done some maintenance on EBC's Michael's Bay property shoreline, including Blue Jay Creek Provincial Park shoreline (our southeastern neighbour).

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BioSphere Newsletter October Now Here!

November 1, 2021 — To view, our latest successes and updates check out the latest BioSphere newsletter by clicking here!

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Volunteer of the month - Sage Jeffrey (October, 2021)

November 1, 2021 — (EBC's youngest volunteer yet!)   When prompted with a series of questions, Sage (AKA dad, Andrew), responded with the following:   1) How did you learn about EBC? Grandpa has been an active member LITERALLY since before I can remember. He’s taken me on lots of the trails and shown me lots of fossils and fun things all over EBC...

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Dispelling Myths & Telling Truths: A Bat's Story FREE Virtual Event

October 13, 2021 — Join EBC in conversation with Toby Thorne, Native Bat Conservationist, as we present 'Dispelling Myths & Telling Truths: A Bat's Story' virtual event on October 26th at 7pm. To learn more about & register for our FREE virtual event, click here!

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pileated woodpecker

Nature Reserve of the Month: Orlowski (October 2021)

October 12, 2021 — History & Significant Features The Orlowski Nature Reserve is 98 acres of wetland, forest and grassland habitats located in Wiarton, Ontario. Wiarton is a community in the town of South Bruce Peninsula. The land was generously donated by Dan Orlowski in 2019. A large proportion of the reserve is covered by Rankin River Wetland (PSW). These diverse habitats provide homes...

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Species of the Month: Osprey (October, 2021)

October 7, 2021 — Characteristics: Adults have a white forehead, cheeks, neck, breast and belly with a dark brown back. Dark stripe facial markings run from their bill, across their eyes to the back. The wings, tail body underparts are streaked brown. As with all raptors, females are larger than males. Ospreys have many useful hunting adaptations that enable them to capture and cling...

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BioSphere Newsletter September Now Here!

September 30, 2021 — To view our latest successes and updates check out the latest BioSphere newsletter by clicking here!

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Nature Reserve of the Month: Cup & Saucer (September, 2021)

September 30, 2021 — Cup and Saucer reserve was one of our first! nature reserves! It is a 345-acre property with a hiking trail! History: The original, 300-acre lot was acquired by EBC in 1999. In 2001, an additional 45 acres were purchased, extending the reserve. The Cup and Saucer has approximately 8 km hiking trail that is visited by many throughout the year!...

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Volunteer of the Month: Maureen MacDonald

September 30, 2021 — Maureen MacDonald is the owner and operator of Hoops N Loops Custom Embroidery in Barrie, Ontario.   Maureen first learned about EBC through her daughter, Shannon MacDonald who is EBC’s Regional Conservation Coordinator. Like mother, like daughter, Maureen is an outdoorsy person who is very conscious about her carbon footprint. She is always trying to buy organic, healthy foods and shop locally when...

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Species of the Month: Northern Pitcher Plant (September 2021)

September 29, 2021 — The Northern Pitcher plant is one of roughly 600 carnivorous plant species around the world and can often be found in nutrient-poor bogs. These carnivorous plants are easily recognizable by their specialized bell-shaped leaves or 'pitchers' which can collect rainwater. The pitcher's rainwater pool entices insects like flies, moths and wasps to come and drink from.  The insects then become trapped inside the bell-shaped leaf...

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IMG_0156 (1)

Orlowski Nature Reserve Opening - October 17th!

September 29, 2021 — Join us in Wiarton, Ontario on October 17th between 1-3pm for the grand opening of our Orlowski Nature Reserve. Explore this 98-acre property while completing a nature scavenger hunt! To learn more about the nature reserve, what the day will look like and to register, click here!

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2021 Annual Monarch Butterfly Festival!

September 15, 2021 — The monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) is a special and beloved North American insect that journeys 2,000 miles (one-way) in its migration journey annually. This is the largest of all known insect migrations on Earth! Unfortunately, this remarkable animal has experienced an 80% decline in population across North America between 1994 - 95 and 2014 -15. This has ignited to action a multitude of groups and...

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summer of pollinators

Summer of Pollinators: Butterflies FREE virtual event!

September 7, 2021 — Join EBC in conversation with the World Wildlife Fund and Wildlife Biologist, Elisabeth Shapiro, for the FINAL installment of a 'Summer of Pollinators' FREE virtual event series. For 1 hour 15 minutes, you will learn all about the magical world of Ontario butterflies and how to protect them.When?Tuesday, September 21st from 7:00 - 8:15 pm! Two weeks today.Where can I...

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BioSphere Newsletter August 2021 Now Here!

September 1, 2021 — Check out our latest newsletter here. Learn about our most up-to-date activities, successes, updates and events!

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Species of the month: Great Sundew (August 2021)

September 1, 2021 — Great Sundews can be found in open, non-forested habitats with wet, often acidic and nutrient-poor soils. Habitats like these include bogs, quaking bogs, fens, cobble shorelines, and other calcareous habitats. The species is often associated with sphagnum mosses and can grow in a soil substrate that is entirely composed of living, dead, or decomposed sphagnum. The sphagnum acts to wick...

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Nature Reserve of the Month: Dewar (August 2021)

September 1, 2021 — EBC has been expanding this reserve since its original acquisition in 2005. It is at 281 acres and will hopefully expand to 381 acres in the near future! If you would like to donate towards another 100 acres of Ontarian land permanently conserved, then donate here. Significant Features The sand beach shoreline with glacial formations reaches out into Lake Huron. The...

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