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springer conger

Nature Reserve of the Month: Springer Congers (January 2022)

February 1, 2022 — Springer Congers is a 51.23-acre plot of land in the Township of Chatsworth, Grey County. History: Springer Congers was originally a Conservation Agreement given in 2010 by Gunter and Vicky Springer. However, in 2021, the owners decided to upgrade the CA to a Fee Simple and the 51 acres are now fully under EBC'S protection. Significant Features: The Nature Reserve has...

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Volunteer of the Month - Robert Burcher (January 2022)

January 30, 2022 — Robert Burcher has been involved with Kimbercote Farm (a retreat centre) in Meaford, Ontario since the mid-eighties. When it was disbanded, half of the property went to us at EBC and this was when Robert first learned about our organization. Interestingly, Robert was on the team that planted the forest that is now EBC land. Amazing what can happen in...

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Species of the Month: Bobolink (January 2022)

January 26, 2022 — Characteristics: Breeding male Bobolinks are predominantly black with a white back and rump, and a creamy nape (back of the neck area).  Females and other non-breeding males are warm brown, with dark brown streaks on the back and sides. They have thicker brown stripes on the crown while the nape of the neck is unstreaked on the nape of the...

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biosphere 2

BioSphere Newsletter, December 2021, Now Here!

January 5, 2022 — To view, our latest successes and updates check out the latest BioSphere newsletter by clicking here!

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michaels bay

Nature Reserve of the Month: Michael's Bay East (December, 2021)

December 28, 2021 —   EBC secured Michael’s Bay East Nature Reserve earlier this month. It is on Manitoulin Island in the traditional lands of the Odawa and Anishinabewaki.   This natural sanctuary starts a new chapter, where EBC will seek to engage with Indigenous communities, and proceed in a spirit of reconciliation with respect to the site’s name, its uses, and the interests...

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Species of the Month: Black-Capped Chickadee (December, 2021)

December 23, 2021 — Black-capped Chickadees are one of North America's most loved little birds. They are easily identifiable for their black cap of feathers that covers the top of their head which extends just below the eyes. They have a thick, white band across their cheeks and a black throat. Their chest is white, their wings are gray with white edges, and their sides...

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Volunteer of the Month: Elizabeth McRae (December, 2021)

December 23, 2021 — Elizabeth has been an avid supporter of the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy for more than 20 years. Her husband and Bob Barnett (EBC's Executive Director) knew each other from a long time ago, back in University days. Her awareness of the EBC started on memorable camping and canoeing trips with Bob and Anna (Bob's wife) before the EBC came into being....

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algonquin wolf

December Launch of EBC's Wildlife Warrior Campaign!

December 12, 2021 — This December, EBC will be heading into our 25th year of becoming a charity - the largest Ontario focused land trust.  One of the ways we will be celebrating is by releasing Wildlife Warrior digital educational packages throughout the year (December 2021-December 2022). These digital packages are all about species at risk in Ontario. Our first to be released is...

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New GIS Technician Position at EBC!

December 2, 2021 — EBC has an exciting new job opportunity for a GIS Technician!   To learn more about it, check out our GoodWork posting here.

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BioSphere Newsletter Now Here! November, 2021

December 1, 2021 — To view, our latest successes and updates check out the latest BioSphere newsletter by clicking here!

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New Fall Precipice, 2021, Now Here!

December 1, 2021 — We are excited to announce that the 50th issue of Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy's Newsletter is now available!  Click here to view EBC's Fall 2021 Precipice and read about the wonderful work EBC has recently accomplished. To stay up to date and receive future newsletters sent directly to your inbox click below to signup or become a member!

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Giving Tuesday - TODAY. Quadruple your donation!

November 30, 2021 — Today's the day! Giving Tuesday.   Donate today and your donation will be quadrupled! EBC will ALSO match 4:1 tomorrow, December 1st.   To donate, click here: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/66882            

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lake sturgeon

Species of the Month: Lake Sturgeon (November 2021)

November 30, 2021 — Characteristics: Lake Sturgeon can weigh more than 300 pounds and grow to nine feet in length! Similar to their prehistoric ancestors, these sturgeons have a distinct shark-like tail and armoured plates called “scutes” in rows for protection. The skin is covered with tiny tooth-like projections that give it the feel of fine sandpaper. Lake sturgeon are very slow-moving fish that will migrate during early summer up rivers.  Female sturgeons reproduce between...

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green point

Nature Reserve of the Month: Green Point (November, 2021)

November 30, 2021 — History & Significant Features: Green Point is a 69 acre property that was acquired in 2005. This nature reserve extends the existing 13,000 acres, Queen Mum Park, officially designated as a Natural Environment Provincial Park in 2014. The property also extends the existing shoreline of the Queen Mum Park by 2 kilometres. Many rare thistles have been observed on the...

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Giving Tuesday - 1 week today!

November 23, 2021 — Giving Tuesday is 1 week today. Learn about our Wild Futures Project and how you can help conserve land in Ontario by visiting our campaign page here!

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bill pegg

Volunteer of the Month - Bill Pegg (November, 2021)

November 11, 2021 — Bill learned about EBC many years ago, in the early 2000s, when he was living on Manitoulin Island. He heard about us conserving the Cup and Saucer Nature Reserve and maintaining the hiking trails for public use.   Bill loves getting outdoors and supports efforts to conserve natural areas in their native state as much as possible, so volunteering with...

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Phragmites - Manitoulin Report by Judith Jones

November 1, 2021 — Click here to read Judith Jones' latest phragmites report of Manitoulin Island (October 2021). Judith has done some maintenance on EBC's Michael's Bay property shoreline, including Blue Jay Creek Provincial Park shoreline (our southeastern neighbour).

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BioSphere Newsletter October Now Here!

November 1, 2021 — To view, our latest successes and updates check out the latest BioSphere newsletter by clicking here!

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Volunteer of the month - Sage Jeffrey (October, 2021)

November 1, 2021 — (EBC's youngest volunteer yet!)   When prompted with a series of questions, Sage (AKA dad, Andrew), responded with the following:   1) How did you learn about EBC? Grandpa has been an active member LITERALLY since before I can remember. He’s taken me on lots of the trails and shown me lots of fossils and fun things all over EBC...

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Dispelling Myths & Telling Truths: A Bat's Story FREE Virtual Event

October 13, 2021 — Join EBC in conversation with Toby Thorne, Native Bat Conservationist, as we present 'Dispelling Myths & Telling Truths: A Bat's Story' virtual event on October 26th at 7pm. To learn more about & register for our FREE virtual event, click here!

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