Help Protect Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI)

ANSIs Labelled

Baptist Harbour and Barney Lake are considered Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSIs). This designation indicates that an area either possesses distinctive “life science” features, such as rare species or ecosystems, or “earth science” features, such as unusual or unique geological features.

Unlike Provincial and National Parks, ANSIs do not have formal legislated protection under the Canada National Parks Act or the provincial Parks Act. An ANSI designation on its own provides no protection from development or resource harvesting within the area. For this reason, EBC has been hard at work protecting land within these significant areas in order to maintain the ecological integrity of this area and the species that depend on it to survive.

The Hobson Property falls within the lands designated as the Baptist Harbour ANSI. It has been recognized for its potential to provide habitat for rare species and the ecosystems they depend on to survive. It is now up to us to protect this area. Please make a donation today.

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