EBC Successes

Protecting 22,000 accres of land (85 sq km) of land.

Hosting 70 species of conservation concern including many endangered and threatened.

Annually delivering over $36 million worth of ecosystem services including flood reduction, better air and water, and support for biodiversity.

Maintain over 80 km of public Nature Trails.

Contributing to achieving Canada’s goal of protecting 30% of our land*.
By the end of 2019, Canada had 12.1% of its terrestrial area conserved*.

Protecting a donated acre of land for as little as $50. That acre can produce over $1,800 of ecosystem services every year.

Fighting climate change by sequestering carbon in mature trees and wetlands, 750,000 tCO2 of carbon reductions from 2002 to date.

Establishing a new nature reserve every month!

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