Make an Impact

There are many ways you can make a positive impact on nature. Whether you want to donate your time or money towards helping existing EBC nature reserves or you'd like to learn more about turning your land into a nature reserve, the following sections will guide you in turning your thoughts into actions!

Protect Your Land 


There are two primary methods for protecting your land through EBC: conservation agreement and severance and land donations.

A conservation agreement allows a landowner to create a personalized list of restrictions to human activity that happens to their land. Every landowner receives an income tax receipt for a significant fraction of the land. It will then be EBC’s responsibility to ensure future owners follow your rules.

Donating land and severances enables landowners to place their land into a nature reserve by donating or selling the property at a reduced rate. EBC is able to sever off the wetland or forest while leaving the house and other lands with the owner. Any land donated receives a tax receipt, while the owner saves capital gain taxes and real estate fees. The benefit usually ranges from 60% to 97% of the value of a sale. EBC will bear the costs of administering your donation. To learn more details of this process click here.



Conserve Nature


Why should we conserve nature? Nature has the power to control flooding, provide better air and water quality, protect biodiversity and fight climate change. Click here to learn more about the economic value of nature and what it can do for us. Conserving nature ensures these natural resources can persist for future generations. 

Help Us Support Nature in Threatened Spaces

Our mission is to create nature reserves along the Niagara Escarpment, allowing for sustainable, low impact recreation. We work closely with landowners, government and community groups and other environmental organizations to attain our goals and we encourage participation to make as much of an impact as possible. You can help us by donating time or money so that we can make even more of a difference.

See how a cottage property works as a nature reserve in this video:

Donate Money

We work to continue protecting natural spaces of ecological significance by securing one property a month. Each $50 donated will:

  • Protect about $5,000 worth of donated land (we pay the related expenses)
  • Conserve about an acre of land
  • Contribute $1,800/year of ecosystem services
  • Sequester 7 tonnes of CO2 every year
  • Make a great annual return on investment

Donate Now

Donate Securities


Donate Time

We need help to maintain and expand the properties we have and build our community. You can help us:

  • Monitor our nature preserves
  • Build or maintain trails
  • Get our message out
  • Find new reserves
  • Providing administrative support
  • Join us at outreach events
  • Control invasive species
  • Identify rare species

Let Me Help

Become a Member

Support our 22+ year practice of establishing, maintaining and managing a system of nature reserves. Our mission:

  • Educate the public about conservation through outreach, events and sustainable recreation.
  • Preserve physical features of scientific, ecological, cultural or historic interest.
  • Enhance or restore areas of native species or natural habitat.
  • Keep the public up to date on our efforts.

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