Never has this statement been more true than today when nature has the power to control flooding, provide better air and water quality, protect biodiversity and fight climate change.

In spite of the inherent benefits of preserving nature, Ontario Nature states that habitat loss and degradation, climate change, invasive species, pollution and over-exploitation of natural resources in Ontario prevails. What's at risk? More than 230 plants and animals in Ontario alone. For example, no other place in North America except Florida has as many species of orchids as found in Grey Bruce.

There is good news though. Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy (EBC) has created 190 nature reserves since 1997. These reserves provide crucial protection of habitat and ecosystems that directly benefit our local and global lives. In addition to environmental protection, EBC provides opportunities for soft recreation on many reserves such as the Cup and Saucer Trail where more than 10,000 people hike every year.

Canadian Wildlife Federation noted that an ABACUS DATA survey completed in May 2019 showed that 86.5% of Canadians support or strongly support protecting and conserving more natural spaces in Canada. The really good news is that EBC is completing a new reserve monthly and can protect a donated acre of land for as little as $50. That acre typically delivers over $1,800 of ecosystem services every year thereafter.

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