Protect Your Land 


There are two main ways to protect your land through EBC: land donations and conservation agreements.

Donating land is simple. EBC becomes the registered owner of your land and you get a tax receipt equal to its appraised value. If you don't wish to part with the entirety of your property, land donors often sever the land first to maintain access to a part of it, and the rest of the land is donated to EBC for the creation of a wilderness preserve. This way, land donors may retain a cottage or a house, with EBC owing the wetland or forest that surrounds it. The donation receipt allows the owner to save capital gain taxes on the disposition of the property, among other benefits. The benefit usually ranges from 60% to 97% of the value of a sale. EBC will bear the costs of administering your donation.

A conservation agreement is different. The donor remains the owner of the land, but restricts the activities allowed on it - forever! You can decide your land will never be quarried, timbered, or developed as a subdivision. A restriction like that devalues the land (economically) and the donor receives a charitable tax receipt equal to the reduction in the land's appraised value. EBC and our land registry system then work together to ensure future owners are bound by the restrictions you placed on the land.

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