Pfleugl Nature Reserve

Pfleugl Donation – Sucker Creek

The Pfleugl Nature Reserve is on the west side of the Bruce Peninsula near the shores of Lake Huron. It is within the Sucker Creek Life Science ANSI and next to EBC’s Infanti Nature Reserve. Our Peabody Nature Reserve is just a kilometer south. EBC now holds approximately 190 acres of conservation land in the Sucker Creek area. This includes provincially significant wetlands and areas designated by the province as significant. Vegetation communities on the property are characteristic and unique to this region. Significant wetland and wildlife habitat are on the property. These include: shrub swamp, fen elements, interior forest, herpetofaunal breeding grounds, and wildlife corridors.

Our nature reserves, along with those areas protected by the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority add up to almost 1,500 acres of contiguous land! These areas are managed for conservation. This land will support the flora and fauna species that depend on large, continuous blocks of forest and wetland for breeding, foraging and hibernation.

The Pfleugl Nature Reserve is on the Bruce Peninsula, a biodiversity hot spot and home to many of Ontario’s species at risk. It should not be a surprise that this nature reserve provides suitable habitat for both flora and fauna species at risk. EBC will maintain habitat identified for these species to ensure that populations will remain in-tact, healthy and prosperous. The species at risk benefit from elements like: interior forest, significant wetland features and small openings in the canopy and along the roadside.

EBC acquired the property as the result of a cottage development on the adjacent parcels. An Environmental Impact Assessment was conducted to approve the proposed severances. Nickormel Inc. donated the land that did not qualify for development to EBC. Now, we will be able to look after 41 acres that were donated to us. We will also be able to assist future landowners of the adjacent lots with stewardship of species at risk that occur on their land! Thank you so much Al Pfleugl and Nickormel Inc. for this wonderful donation!

Are you interested in learning more about species at risk in the Grey/Bruce area? Join us at the Preserving Biodiversity Series on April 12th! Experts from Bird Studies Canada, Wildlife Preservation Canada and Professional Ecologist, Jarmo Jalava will tell you all you need to know about the birds, the bees, and everything in between!

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