Cup and Saucer – Manitoulin Island

The Cup and Saucer Trail on Manitoulin Island is almost entirely on EBC’s nature reserve but parts of the trail still go onto private property. Please respect private land and the landowners who generously allow us to enjoy the trail throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Celebrating Conservation

This video was produced with the help of James Murdoch, former EBC Secretary. It takes place on EBC’s Barney Lake Nature Reserve which was acquired shortly after the filming of this video. This is what we do and why we do it, enjoy!

Alvar Bay

Our Alvar Bay Nature Reserve has a small one bedroom cabin on it. You may be eligible to purchase a life-lease of this cabin, on our 350-acre nature reserve!

Joan Budd – Land Donor on Manitoulin Island

In this video, Joan Budd speaks about her wishes to preserve the beauty of her property on Manitoulin Island and the importance of conservation. The occasion was the ribbon cutting for her donation of the conservation agreement to EBC. The property has alvars, wetlands, and the start of the Niagara Escarpment on Manitoulin.

Producer and Cinematographer: Barry F.G. Smith, CANAVISION Inc. 2011