Sucker Creek


This 99 acres property was conserved in 2006.


The property is an abandoned farm, consisting of three compartments - two open field areas, a woodlot and a small plantation.
There is a stream (Sucker Creek) containing small fish flowing through the property. There is an old barn, recovered in sheet metal, a small woodshed, an outhouse and an abandoned car located on the property.

The open area is dominated with grasses and include other herbaceous species such as ground juniper, wild strawberry and Indian paintbrush. Early successional tree species such as black cherry and white cedar were present.

The woodlot was dominated by spruce and white cedar. Close to the stream, there was a trail that was cleared by loggers that was approximately 3 metres wide.


Located north east of Baptist Harbour. Access to the property is along
Bell Drive South of Pike Bay Village.

Sucker Creek

Sucker Creek