The Vansickle Reserve was EBC’s first nature reserve! It was acquired in 1998. It is a 14-acre reserve.

Significant Features

The Vansickle Reserve is located within walking distance of the Harkins Road Side Trail, part of the Bruce Trail. This reserve is also located within the boundaries of the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve.


Starting in Tobermory, travel southeast along Highway 6. Continue until you reach Dyers Bay Road. Follow the Dyers Bay Road until it heads up the hill, past the turn to Cabot head and park at the upper road (Harkins Road). Follow the course of the unopened road, extending from the road up the hill, for 110 m and you are at the corner. The reserve boundary follows the back of the lots fronting on Harkins Road. Best to have a detailed map and GPS. Beware of poison ivy in this area!

Online Map