EBC acquired this property on September 1st, 2004 from the Campbell family. 

The property is 10 acres mostly treed and includes a wetland at the southern edge and an exceptionally large vernal pond along the northern edge. There are some very good wildlife cavity trees on property which serve as a protective shelter for species to hibernate or roost and even provides a safe space for wildlife to store food. Many waterfowl and migratory songbirds depend on these cavities, indicating that a visitor to Campbell may see a beautiful Wood Duck or songbird. A wide variety of birds can be seen in Campbell, including the Eastern Wood-Pewee, a species of Special Concern here in Ontario.

The property is located south of Chatsworth Village in Chatsworth Township, Grey County. Lot 10 Con 1E, on the east side of County Rd. #6. 

Trail can be accessed on either Bruce County Road 33 or 146 Saugeen Beach Road, and runs across the entirety of the property.

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