Francis Lake


This property is 5.93 acres. 

Significant Features

Smart Nature Reserve is dominated by lowland deciduous forest and located on the shore of Lake Francis. The area is classified as an Ontario Nature Greenway Priority Stewardship Area, and half of the nature reserve is located in a Medium-High to High Landscapes Connectivity zone according to the Wildlife Corridor Analysis made by Grey County.

The nature reserve is within a Highly Vulnerable Aquifer Area and provides of forest cover to the adjacent Significant Groundwater Recharge Areas.This nature reserve is part of a larger network of significant woodlands and hydrologic system composed of lakes, rivers and wetlands, some of which are located nearby Provincially Significant Wetlands. The eastern and western portion of the nature reserve cover parts of the Karst areas. The deciduous forest provides a suitable habitat for the Special Concern Hart’s Tongue, whereas the lake shorelines and surrounding wetlands are an ideal habitat for the rare Beaked Spikerush.


Grey County. Georgian Bluffs.