This property is 96.95 acre. The majority of the Subject Property is forested with the North Spey River running through the eastern portion of the property and there is open water in the southeastern part of the. There is about 4.82 acres of old field which is afforesting naturally.


One of the major features of the property is the North Spey River which flows north through the eastern portion of the Property. The Subject Property is made up of about 54 acres of Significant woodlands, 12 acres of hazard lands, 14 acres of evaluated provincially significant wetland. The building site is in the southwest sector of the property and includes an open yard area and large vegetable garden.

The forested area on the Subject Property is dominated by sugar maple, white ash and American beech with associates including American basswood, trembling aspen, black cherry, ironwood, yellow birch, balsam poplar, eastern hemlock, and eastern white cedar.


This property is in rectangular shape and has frontage to the east side of Concession 10 road and on the north side of Sunny Valley Road. The Spey River runs through eastern portion of the property and there is a pond along the southern border of the property.