EBC acquired Plue Nauture Reserve in 2004; it is approximately 200 acres in size. This reserve protects critical wetland habitat from drainage and development, a fate all too common to wetlands in Ontario.


The reserve is traversed by the South Saugeen River and is mainly wetland, swamp, marsh or the river itself. Plue’s extensive wetlands are home to a richly diverse group of flora and fauna including beavers!  


The Plue Nature Reserve property is located in the Township of Southgate, North West corner of Proton Con 6 and 17th Sideroad.  


Plue’s beautiful waterways can only be accessed by canoe—a 2 hour paddle will take you through the winding South Saugeen river through wetlands and forest habitat and can be accessed from Southgate Sideroad 13.

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Plue Aerial

Plue Aerial