This property is 30.26 acres. 

Significant Features

The Thornton property contains a wet forest dominated by Eastern White Cedar with smaller representations of

both climax and pioneer species including sugar maple, American beech, white ash, basswood,

ironwood, white spruce, eastern hemlock, balsam poplar, balsam fir and yellow birch and an

unevaluated wetland dominated by eastern white cedar with balsam fir, dogwood species and fern

species. This wetland feeds into the Saugeen River to the northwest from its source <0.5 km to the east. The combination of wet forest and wetland occupies 70% of the total property, or 25 hectares. The remaining 30% of the Property, or 8.9 hectares, is naturally regenerating old agricultural field.


Grey County, Mun. of West Grey.