Cup and Saucer

Cup and Saucer reserve was one of our first! It is a 345-acre property with a hiking trail!

The Cup and Saucer Trail is now open! Please consider supporting EBC’s efforts to improve the new trail by making a donation!


Cup and Saucer is a beautiful nature reserve that has almost been with us since the beginning. Originally a 300-acre lot was acquired in 1999. In 2001, an additional 45 acres were purchased, extending this reserve. The Cup and Saucer has an approximately 8 km hiking trail that is visited by many throughout the year!

Significant Features

The cliffs are called “Cup and Saucer” because the higher Cup is perched on the lower Saucer formation. Both are Silurian deposits, about 400 million years old. Forests here are mixed deciduous dominated by Oak on the highest plateau.


This reserve is accessible from Highway 540. Starting in Little Current, travel west on Highway 540 for approximately 20 km to Bidwell Road. Continue on Highway 540 and you will find the new parking area and trailhead on the east side of the road. To view this reserve in Google Maps click here.


The Cup and Saucer Trail on Manitoulin Island begins on EBC’s property and also continues onto privately owned land. Please respect private land and the landowners who generously allow us to enjoy the trail throughout the year. 

For those who complete the 8km hike, EBC will send you a certificate of completion. All you have to do, is email us at with your name, address and the date you climbed the Cup and Saucer trail.