Smart Manitowaning


This property is 1.72 acres. 

Significant Features

The property has an irregular shoreline on the Manitowaning Bay. It is predominantly covered in trees and has soft sediment beach. On the west, the property is bordered by the Waterview Lane road and on the East by the Manitowaning Bay of Lake Huron. 

The presence of surrounding extensive grassland areas, such as the property found just across the Riverview Lane to the East, are ideal habitats for the Bobolink and the Eastern meadowlark. 

This property is part of a larger network of woodlands and hydrologic system composed of lakes, rivers and wetlands that makes it an ideal shelter and source of food for wildlife wildlife including birds, mammals, herpetofauna and aquatic species.


The property is located southeast of the town of Manitowaning and on the Manitowaning Bay of Lake Huron. The Highway 6 and of an active waste management site can be found to the southeast. 

Smart Manitowaning

Smart Manitowaning