Mantec & Bates


This property is 33.57 acres and bought in 2004.


The Bates property is located just west of Duntroon Village in Clearview Township, Simcoe County. Lot 25 Con 11, on the north side of County Rd. # 91

The Bruce trail association has a trail going just along the east and north side of the adjoining properties. This spot is ideal for snowshoeing! There are limited elevation changes and the escarpment wall prevents too much snow from blowing away.


The southern section of the property was previously used for agricultural purposes up to about 20 years ago. This section is regenerating and contains various apples, hawthorns, ash and some maple. The rear or northern part of the property is a mature maple bush that was high graded in the past. Restoration of the woodlot should be top priority for this property.