This is a 6.17-acre reserve acquired by EBC in 2011.

Significant Features

This property is located within the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve and is designated Escarpment Natural Area. It is within metres of Hockley Valley Provincial Park. This reserve is surrounded by significant natural areas such as the Caledon Meltwater Deposits, Canning Falls, and Glen Cross Swamp. Due to the unique habitat characteristics of this reserve, many rare species might occur here!


Start on Highway 10 near Orangeville, head north until you reach Hockley Road (ON-7). Head east on Hockley Road and continue as it deviates north. You will pass 1st Line East and the McKichan Reserve will be located on the north side of the road approximately 200 metres after 1st Line.

There is a trail from the sign up the Escarpment which reaches the top before circling back. Trail construction is still underway.

McKichan Map

McKichan Map