This property is 18.25 acres. 

Significant Features

The Subject Property is characterized primarily by deciduous forested wetland, with the majority of the property designated as Provincially Significant Wetland - Badenoch Moffat Wetland Complex. The topography is smooth and consistent with an elevation of 315-m. The southeastern boundary of the Subject Property follows the Mountsberg Creek which eventually flows into Bronte Creek and Lake Ontario. The physiography of the Subject Property is designated as Limestone Plains on Paleozoic terrain. 

The Subject Property supports habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna including a Great Blue Heron Nesting Colony and is approximately 2-km from an Osprey Nesting Site which is well within its hunting range. The Subject Property is also within 3-km of White-tailed Deer Overwintering Habitat and connected by forest patches. 

The habitat features of the Subject Property are suitable for the Snapping Turtle, Midland Painted Turtle, Redside Dace, Unicorn Clubtail, Wood Thrush, Eastern Wood-peweeand Canada Warbler due to the forested wetland that borders the Mountsberg Creek.


The Subject Property is located on the east side of Concession Road 11, about 200-m south of 15 Side Road along Wellington Road 36 and about 5-km northeast of Puslinch, 10-km southeast of Guelph, and 15-km west of Milton.