Davison Reserve


The Davison Reserve is a 43-acre property acquired in 2012. It is in an area that is becoming heavily developed for cottages. The Davison family has retained the northeast corner of the property and donated the remainder to EBC. This gives us the opportunity to prevent further encroachment on the west, an area that has become quite heavily populated.


The Davison Nature Reserve is located just northwest of Black Creek Provincial Park. On Highway 6, once you reach Ferndale, head west on Concession Road 9. Continue along until you reach Stoke’s Bay Road. Head north on Stoke’s Bay Road, you will pass Black Creek Provincial Park and Hardwick Cove Road. This reserve is on the left side of the road between number 461 and 489, you will see a sign. There is an area to pull off to the side of the road on the left side. EBC plans to build a trail here soon to encourage people to visit!

Davison Map

Davison Map