Harkins Reserve


The Harkins Reserve is a 6-acre property right on the shore of Lake Huron. Six, one-acre parcels were donated by the Harkins family to protect the special features on this property!

Significant Features

The Harkins Nature Reserve is located south of our Sadler Creek Nature Reserve. It includes significant Lake Huron shoreline, Alvar and if you look hard enough, fossils! If found, please leave them where they are so that others may enjoy these amazing pieces of history!


This nature reserve is located on the west side of Sadler Creek Road. On Highway 6 at Miller Lake, continue south to Lindsay Road 20, head west toward the shore, then turn right onto Youngblood Road, left onto White Cedar Road and follow to the end. Turn right on Little Pine Drive and right onto Sadler Creek Road. Park beside the road. Note the gravel driveway is on private property. Do not use the driveway or parking space adjacent to the road.

Harkins Map

Harkins Map