The Martin Reserve was acquired in 2002. It is a 100-acre reserve.

Significant Features

This reserve includes the Bruce Trail. Because there is no road access you must use these trails to get to the property. Species at risk have been observed on this property including the eastern whip-poor-will and the black tern. The eastern edge of the property contains a large wetland.


Starting in Ferndale, head north on Highway 6. Follow Cherry Hill Road and then head east on Lindsay Road 5. Travel north on East Road and continue until you reach Cape Chin North Road. Continue along as the road to 371 Cape Chin North. The trail access is just across the street.

From Cape Chin Road it’s about 820 m to the stile at the entrance to our property. You have left the property once you reach the beaver dam boardwalk, after walking approximately 1.4 km.

Martin Map

Martin Map