Sadler Creek


Sadler Creek was purchased by EBC in 2004. It is a 1,092-acre reserve. Begg is a 21-acre reserve that extends the Sadler Creek reserve. EBC acquired the Begg property (westernmost parcel) in 2011. This property is just southeast of our Fedy Reserve on Lindsay Road 30.

Significant Features

Sadler Creek is considered a provincially significant wetland and is in the Zinkan Island Cove ANSI.


This property is located at 4629 Highway 6. Starting in Tobermory, travel southeast along Highway 6. As you enter Miller Lake, continue south to number 4629 on the west side of the road directly across from Miller Lake Road. Continue down this driveway and park where you can! This road continues for over 2 km. As this is a large nature reserve, there are many trails on the land but they are neither marked or maintained and you can easily lose your way. If you continue off this main road, please be sure to have a cellphone and/or GPS device with you.

Sadler Creek Map

Sadler Creek Map