This property was donated to EBC in 2006.

Significant Features

The Simmons Nature Reserve has a mixture of forest types including mature hardwoods, cedar stand and trembling aspen stand as well as an old field meadow.


Starting in Caledon at the intersection of Old Church Road (22) and Airport Road (7), head north on Airport Road. Turn left (west) down Walker Road. Then turn right onto Putney Road and follow past the bend to the turning circle. Park at the turn-around on Putney by the EBC signs and follow the trail in. The entry trail branches east or west to the perimeter trail which returns after about 3 km to the starting point. Do not cross any fence lines onto private property. Follow EBC’s white blazes and flagging tape. The trail from Putney does continue as a blue side trail to the northwest corner and can be used as a short cut to return.

Online Map

Simmons Map

Simmons Map