Heathcote - Kritsch Reserve


This reserve is 15 acres. 9 acres were donated in 2008 and the final 6 were donated by Mr. Thomas Kritsch in 2015. It has significant frontage on the Beaver River in the Blue Mountains.

Significant Features

This reserve is just outside the boundaries of the Niagara Escarpment Plan. It is located south of Heathcote, just outside a residential area. This reserve is on the Beaver River which which starts just north of Singhampton and flows through Eugenia Lake where it enters the Niagara Escarpment Region. It ends off at Mill Pond in Thornbury where it leads to Georgian Bay.


Starting in Flesherton, head northeast on Collingwood Street (Grey Road 1). Head northwest on Grey Road 13. Follow this road through Eugenia and continue as it veers right. This road is almost parallel to the Beaver River, pass 21st Sideroad. Before the road splits, you will come to a small parking area on the left side of the road where you can park and walk to the river.

Kritsch Heathcote Map

Kritsch Heathcote Map