Kimbercote Reserve

The property is very scenic and includes features typical of the Beaver Valley and the Niagara Escarpment. A trail has been maintained on the property running from east to west along a steep gradient climbing upward toward the western boundary. The trail goes through a regenerating field dominated by young white ash and scattered red maple, black cherry, and apple. The trail continues across a small stream and ends at the base of a mature mixed forest. This area leads to a valley where a tributary of the Beaver River flows across the land and onto the adjacent properties. If you continue north along the forest line and connect to the Bruce Trail which follows an unopened road allowance on the northern property boundary.

In addition to scenic beauty, the features of this property provide suitable habitat for a variety of wildlife including species at risk. The Eastern Meadowlark and Bobolink have been observed in the regenerating fields on the land. Both species are grassland, ground-nesting birds and are designated as Threatened in Ontario. Bat species are often found along waterways and in open areas sheltered by tree lines like those that occur on this property. Monitoring of this property in 2016 yielded reports of several bat species, some at risk, that use this property as a feeding ground in the evenings. This property provides a safe area for these species to thrive and will continue to support these populations with the help of EBC and Elephant Thoughts.


From Kimberley on Concession Road 13, proceed north on Concession Road 7 to Epping, make a right down the hill to the bridge over the Beaver River, and go north to the first intersection. Park and follow the road allowance about 400 m west to the EBC signs where you are free to walk west on the property or south to the fence line. 

Kimbercote Aerial

Kimbercote Aerial