Nicols Gully


Nicol’s Gully is a 17 acre property with the Pottawatomi River crossing through it. It was acquired in 2001.

Significant Features

The town is rapidly encroaching onto the embankment of the Pottawatomi River. The property is important to the nearby residents and area fisherman for enjoying nature by plant observations, bird-watching and access to the river. The wildlife potential is excellent as there are various wildlife habitat characteristics such as large fallen woody debris, standing dead trees; some with wildlife cavities that were currently being used by the local wildlife such as raccoon, woodpeckers and owls. This reserve has a small existing trail used by local fisherman and nature enthusiasts.


From Owen Sound, head west on Highway 21. Turn north down Nicols Gully Road. The reserve can be accessed from the road on the south side of the river.

Nicols Gully Map

Nicols Gully Map