The Skeoch Reserve was donated in 2015. It is almost 70 acres and includes part of the Bruce Trail.

Significant Features

The property appears to have experienced natural succession for many decades, untouched and unaided by human influence with the exception of creation and maintenance of the Bruce Trail. A headwaters tributary of the Beaver River rises within one kilometer of the Property and flows west towards the Beaver valley through the village of Red Wing. The mature hardwoods, cedar forests and cliff face vegetation, plus permanent streams provide important sources of food, shelter, breeding habitat and travel corridors for a wide variety of wildlife including birds, mammals, herpetofauna and aquatic species.


Start in Shelburne and travel north on Highway 124. Turn west before Singhampton on Concession Road 4 and then go north on Concession Road 2 past Feversham to Ravenna. Head east on the local road and look for Bruce Trail blazes. Park and walk south on the trail for approximately 620 m to reach our reserve. Follow the trail almost 2 km to where it then leaves the EBC reserve.

Skeoch Map

Skeoch Map