Marsh Lake

Marsh Lake is a large property, comprised of majority of Marsh Lake. It has been important in the recovery of the Sandhill Crane, as they have been known to nest here.


Marsh Lake became an EBC reserve in 2009. Philip Gosling donated this property to EBC after owning and protecting it for 40 years. He decided that EBC would be the best long-term stewards for his 58-acre property.

Significant Features

Marsh Lake has become a sanctuary for the Sandhill Crane and is used as a nesting and feeding area. The Sandhill Crane population has increased drastically since Philip Gosling purchased the property. Hill’s Thistle (THR) and Pitcher’s Thistle (END) have both been reported on the property.


There is no road access to this reserve. It is located in Burpee and Mills just north of Lake Huron near Dominion Bay. The closest you will get to this reserve by road is the end of Britainville Road, west of Hwy 542. To view the location of this reserve in Google Maps click here.