EBC needs volunteers to do many things, but let’s simplify things. We do run a pretty lean machine, with less paid staff than virtually any other land trust, despite the fact that we are second in land base only to Nature Conservancy. Volunteers have been a big help. We need help on many fronts:

Be a Land Steward

Monitor our nature (a visit or three yearly)

  • Check that everything is OK
  • Look for species at risk
  • Look for invasive species
  • Have fun in the woods
  • Report back

Build or maintain trails

  • Keep the path clear
  • Call in the chain saws
  • Call in the bridge crew
  • Help design / build new trail

Gathering in the forest

Build Community

Help us find new reserves

  • Talk to landowners
  • Look up nearby owners

Find speaking locations

Find partner groups

  • Joint outings
  • Joint projects